walk with me

Are you struggling? Need to find a job? Need to find a purpose? Would you like to have someone you can trust talk with you and give wise and loving direction and support? Consider joining our Walk With Me program!

Walk With Me is a program designed to partner with individuals and families who wish to learn, grow and move toward a more sustainable life. Together, we talk about your dreams and life-challenges and work toward using your God-given strengths to help you move toward your life goals and stability.


Hope Center walk with me application

To qualify for the program you must be regularly using the Hope Center pantry or be attending Sunnybrook Community Church. Once you join, here is what to expect:
1. Together we will explore options and help you develop and stick to action steps that help you get to where you want to go!
2. Our partnership will include loving, open and honest discussion designed to bring your desired life change to you and your family.
3. We will explore your relationship with Jesus and how you are engaged in a spiritual community.
4. You will be required to use the pantry on a weekly basis. This allows us to continue building a relationship and helps to save you money. You will also gain first access to the Hope pantry on your preferred shift and will gain an additional five shopping points.
Next step: Complete the following application completely. Bring bank statements for the past 2 months to Sunnybrook Community Church. We have a limited number of openings. We will contact you after we have reviewed all applications.